Crystal Clinic LLC

Ultra V Idebenone

Crystal Clinic LLC


Turn back your skin's age with a Golden Drop! 

1. Shining Skin: Not sticky, does not contain oil, makes your skin radiant! 

2. Lifting, Elasticity: Contains extracts of chokeberry and EGF. Promotes collagen production and enhances skin's elasticity.

3. Moisturizing: Contains hyaluronic acid, moisturizes skin and leaves it soft and smooth. 

4. Anti-aging: Contains idebenone, a powerful ant-aging component and makes your skin younger! 

5. Whitening: Contains Niacinamide, inhibits melanin production and makes your skin clearer and brighter! 

6. Anti- Wrinkles: Contains Adenosine, promotes collagen synthesis and smoothes out skin! 


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